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About Blue Sky DJ - A Short Autobiography

I, Ray Stengl, the owner of Blue Sky DJ's, started my professional DJ career in 1977.

I started working for KDMJ Mobile Disco in Green Bay, Wisconsin upon graduating from Green Bay West High School. I continued to work for KDMJ Mobile Disco while I obtained my Associates Degree (AAS) in Mechanical Design from Northeast Wisconsin Technical Institute/College (NWTI/NWTC) in Green Bay. After gaining invaluable experience with KDMJ I left to start my first DJ company - MRT Express.

MRT Express was a partnership formed with two of my friends, Mitch and Todd, whom I met while working as a Composite Assembly Drafter for Paper Converting Machine Company (PCMC) in Green Bay. (I bet you can guess how MRT Express got it's name!) I left MRT Express to move to Riverton, Wyoming to further pursue my Engineering career.

I accepted a Drafting position with LRC Corporation in Riverton, Wyoming. Additionally I set personal goals to learn how to snow ski, mountain/rock climb, and hang glide upon my move to Wyoming. I soon realized how much I missed DJing - even though I was extremely busy enjoying my great Wyoming outdoor experience.

In the winter months I would alternate weekends of downhill and cross country skiing. In the summer months I would spend most weekends camping and white water rafting on the Snake River outside of Jackson. One summer I was fortunate enough to have my name drawn in the Salmon River lottery - allowing me and my rafting buddies, Doug and Jack, to raft the Salmon River in Idaho (a Class 6 Whitewater - pool and drop) that is a tightly controlled extremely limited access river. Unfortunately I was never able to accomplish the hang gliding - my fear of falling has always been too great!


During one of our downhill skiing weekends at Grand Targee (on the sunny side of the mountain) a new friend Kevin Hall, who had recently moved from Southern California to Riverton and was working as an Electrical Engineer for Eaton Printer Products (formerly LRC Corp.) informed me that he used to DJ when he lived in California! I could hardly believe it! Both Kevin and I did not like Country music, and unfortunately that is what all the bars in Riverton had to offer for live music. We discussed possibly starting a DJ company where we would play good music (i.e. "NO COUNTRY!") and have other people buy our drinks! This would be an ideal situation - since both of us seemed to frequent the local establishments, spent our hard earned money on libations and had to listen to some not so great Country Bands! Well little did we know...

After we returned to Riverton from the ski weekend I was telling my friend Dianne, (owner of the Fireside Lounge - one of our favorite watering holes) about the discovery that Kevin also had DJ experience. Dianne saw this as an opportunity to offer something different to her clientele. Dianne convinced us (bribed us by offering us free drinks for Friday Night) that we should bring in my personal stereo and CD's and provide music for Happy Hour one Friday night. I had just purchased my first CD player and had a total of maybe 25 Jazz, Classical and New Age CDs. Likewise Kevin had another 20 or so Jazz CDs. Dianne promoted it as "Friday Night Jazz" Happy Hour...

The first Friday night we played Jazz at the Fireside we were very well received. The second week saw an increase in attendance and by the fourth week we were playing to a standing room only and started receiving requests for other styles of music - specifically Pink Floyd and Bob Seger - KHRS was born! We had our friend Matt, an expert woodworker, help us design and build our first DJ Booth to house and support our DJ equipment.

We purchased our first set of Klipsch speakers and Crown Amplifier and we started buying CDs based upon the requests we were receiving. We added lighting equipment to our repertoire (Kevin designed the control electronics and I designed the light boxes) and we started playing for Riverton High School and Central Wyoming College (CWC) dances. We were receiving more and more requests to perform at Clubs/Bars, Schools, Wedding Receptions, and Corporate Events across the state of Wyoming.

After spending 16 years in Riverton, Wyoming I relocated to Broomfield Colorado to once again advance my Engineering Career. I moved KHRS and a new wife to Broomfield with me. I moved to Colorado to work as a Compliance Engineer for TUV Product Service, which was located in Boulder. Three months after moving to Colorado my youngest daughter was born – 12 weeks premature! (Believe what you want – I always make sure that I say my prayers every morning and night because I am witness to so many wondrous miracles.) I spent two years at TUV PS and decided that my strengths would be better applied working for a manufacturer instead of working for a Certification Agency – I started working as a Hazardous Area Approval Engineer for Micro Motion in September ’96. I have survived my second divorce and as a single dad I am in the process of raising my youngest daughter.

Kevin has previously expressed that he no longer had any interest in the KHRS partnership – therefore as of January 1, 2004 KHRS was officially changed to a sole proprietorship. Although Kevin has graciously agreed to allow me the exclusive rights and continued use of the KHRS name and trademark I have decided that maybe this also should change. I am transitioning from KHRS Mobile Music Service to “Blue Sky DJs”. This decision and name change is based upon just ONE critical element - my oldest daughter’s name is Skye.

Therefore, let it be known… tell all of your friends and family…effective October 1, 2004, Blue Sky Disc Jockey Service is officially in business!

Takin’ requests and Shakin’ butts everywhere!


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